Top-100 Nursing Research Paper Topics

Selecting an essay topic is like laying a foundation for a skyscraper. You need to make the right choice, or the whole essay will collapse before you finish writing. Still, choosing among nursing essay topics can be difficult. There are too many issues to study and discuss. To make your job easier, we have accumulated a list of the best nursing research paper topics. Select one of the major subjects, then browse individual nursing research topics until you find the right one for your paper. And if you are having trouble with the next step of writing an essay, reach out to our professional writers. They will happily assist you with any of these topics.

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Mental Health

  • The best treatment options for early-stage dementia patients
  • The most effective care procedures for suicidal patients
  • Does aromatherapy help patients deal with stress and depression?
  • When is it necessary to involve psychiatrist in the patient's treatment?
  • How to deal with self-harm patients in emergency rooms?
  • Paranoid schizophrenia emergency assistance
  • Slowing the cognitive degeneration of patients with Alzheimer's disease
  • The causes and treatments for generalized anxiety disorder
  • How does aging influence the patient’s psychological health?
  • Can nurses help patients get through depression?

Child Nursing

  • Neo-natal ward improvements to help young mothers and newborns
  • How to deal with low survival rate among pediatric cancer patients
  • How to treat poor nutrition among pediatric patients
  • Measures for child injuries prevention
  • The healthy nutrition impact on a child’s wellbeing
  • The primary causes of child mortality in your country
  • Preventative steps to eliminate the intestinal parasites risk
  • The development of chronic disorders in children
  • The care regime for children with constipation
  • The treatment plan for the pediatric victims of near-drowning

Taking Care of Adult Patients

  • Treating chronic heartburn in middle-aged men
  • Helping stroke survivors regain essential motor functions
  • Treatment plan and advice for psoriasis patients
  • The different possible causes of chest pain
  • Helping patients deal with limited mobility after appendage fractures
  • Blood pressure improvement tactics for middle-aged men
  • Helping intimate partner violence victims
  • Emergency medical assistance for road traffic accidents
  • Protecting the dignity of adult patients with learning disabilities
  • The most effective sepsis treatment procedures

Older Patients Care Regime

  • The basics of osteoarthritis treatment for elderly patients
  • Elderly patients malnutrition causes and treatments
  • The first signs and interventions for age-related hearing loss
  • Light exercise regime to prevent falls and bone fractures
  • The advantages of individualized geriatric care for patients
  • The critical aspects of caring for elderly patients with diabetes
  • How to predict and thwart suicide attempts among the elderly patients
  • How to plan and organize a safe discharge for a geriatric patient
  • Making dying patients comfortable during their last days
  • Technological solutions for geriatric care facilities
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Women’s Health Issues

  • Chlamydia treatment plan and overall sexual health improvement
  • Post-pregnancy care after the death of the fetus
  • The causes of growing infertility rates
  • Which factors increase the risk of osteoporosis among women?
  • The importance of breast cancer screening procedures
  • Preventative measures for sexually transmitted infections
  • Reproductive health assessment barriers nurses have to overcome
  • How to help female victims of domestic violence?
  • Curbing emotional and physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • Acne treatment and prevention in female patients


  • The risks associated with adolescent pregnancy
  • Why is midwife’s support for parents and doctors under-appreciated?
  • Organizing educational workshops for new mothers
  • The importance of blood glucose awareness during pregnancy
  • The most effective treatment for pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Is epidural safe for mothers and newborns?
  • The difficulties overweight women face during pregnancy and childbirth
  • The advantages and disadvantages of delivery with the partner
  • The potential risks of multiple pregnancies for women
  • Unhealthy habits pregnant women should forget for nine months

Standard Treatments

  • How does post-surgery care increase the patient recovery rate?
  • Should nurses get the right to prescribe antibiotics without a doctor’s signature?
  • The support system for the family members of ICU patients
  • Health care plan for patients with diabetes
  • The oxygen therapy benefits for cardiac disorders
  • The primary causes of cerebrovascular accidents leading to brain cells’ damage
  • Asthma primary health care plan
  • Quick thinking required for dealing with the anaphylactic shock
  • Phlebotomy skills every nurse should possess
  • Preventing and managing ventilator-associated pneumonia

Pain Management

  • Pain management options for fibromyalgia patients
  • Chronic pain disorders caused by incorrect acute pain treatment
  • How can pain assessment techniques be improved?
  • Benson’s relaxation therapy for pain reduction among post-cesarean mothers
  • Post-discharge pain-relief treatments
  • Can pediatric opioid drugs cause addiction problems in teenagers?
  • Non-pharmacological pain-relief methods
  • The increased risk of opioid poisoning among pediatric patients
  • Alternative long-term pain treatments
  • Postoperative pain management regime

Health Care Promotion

  • How to curtail the spread of infectious diseases
  • Preventing teenage pregnancies among ethnic minorities
  • Should overweight nurses be fired for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle?
  • The effects of drug use on children and teenagers
  • Diabetes-preventing lifestyle: meal plan and sports
  • Promoting skin cancer awareness and prevention methods
  • How to discourage teenage smoking and drinking?
  • Spreading the knowledge of occupational hazards
  • The ways to prevent child obesity
  • The benefits of influenza vaccination for teachers, law enforcement, and social workers

Professional Nursing Issues

  • How to deal with nervousness and anxiety as a nurse
  • Increasing nursing productivity through benchmarking data
  • The advantages of collaborative nursing
  • How to counter the shortage of qualified nurses
  • Increasing cultural sensitivity among nursing staff
  • The adaptation of internationally trained nurses
  • The legal issues nurses can face
  • Male nurses providing intimate care for female patients
  • The difficulties along the way to becoming a certified nurse
  • Should doctors and nurses get to decide when to end the unresponsive patient’s life?
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