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Steven Cooper

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Linda Harmon

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Dianna Snelling

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Jerry Traylor

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How to Approach Writing a Medical School Personal Statement

We can provide you with the tips on writing a medical school personal statement, as well as several samples of what a successful one should look like. However, you should think it all through very carefully. Those tips and samples can give you a feel of what you should write, yet it’s not like there’s some template you can take, change a few names, rearrange a few things, and voila!

No, this is a very important paper which has to convince the admission committee that they have to take you into the med school rather than someone else. Therefore, it has to be really memorable and showcasing your passion and desire of becoming a doctor. Hence, the word ‘personal’. It has to be yours, and that’s about the only way you can make it stand out.

“So, does that mean only I can write my med school personal statement?” That’s what’s expected, yes. However, we know how stressful that task may seem, and there’s really no paper that could not be written by someone else. If you are not particularly good with written words and fear messing up the whole endeavor, even though your heart tells you that getting accepted into this school is the only way for you, you can relax now. We have an expert medical writer for you, and that’s someone who will write about you better than you could yourself.

Who Is a Medical School Personal Statement Writer and What Are They Capable of?

Being a professional personal statement writer may sound somewhat nonsensical, but the more you think about, the more sense it does. Since our service specializes on providing writing assistance to nursing and medical students, we get all kinds of requests. And since all the writers here are MDs and PhDs, naturally, they at least have the experience of getting accepted into a medical school. Helping others to do the same allows them to understand the nuances even better, and that’s how you get a real professional specializing in writing personal statements.

Surely, once you contact us and get assigned a writer, you are welcome to provide your story and details you want to be included. Our expert will analyze it and suggest the best way to organize that information for the strongest and surest effect. So, even though you won’t be writing your personal statement yourself, you still need to be able to answer its main questions: what makes you want to study medicine, how it can enrich your life, and what you can give in return.

You might wonder whether our medical school personal statement writer could write it completely from scratch without any participation on your side. And that is possible, of course, due to their extensive experience and understanding which kind of stories tend to work, and which ones are lame and have been overused. However, it may happen that you might actually have something new and impactful to say, so this opportunity should not be missed out on. The person reading your statement has to feel it’s genuine, and our experts try to make it the case whenever possible.

The Benefits of Hiring a Medical School Personal Statement Writer

An expert writer is not the only reason why you should consider using our service rather than risking and writing the paper yourself. There is a number of features you will likely enjoy, and all that comes for a reasonable price.

The first thing most our customers do is contact out customer support, and that is why we make it available at all times and via various means, like e-mail, phone, or live chat. Ask our agents anything, and they will provide you with a sufficient answer or look into solving your problem, suggesting potential solutions.

Next, we value timeliness, which is often crucial for a medical employee; therefore, we always deliver completed papers in time. Whenever possible, we will try to send it to you with some time left till the deadline, as long as the quality is not sacrificed for that.

Your paper will be completely original and unique, our medical school personal statement writer will make sure of that. It will also be proofread and checked to contain no grammar or spelling mistakes, that’s the last thing you want to be noticed by the committee members.

Since it’s your personal statement, you may want certain things to be changed or added if you don’t completely like the finished paper. You are entitled to three free revisions, so use them to get exactly the paper you have in mind.

Finally, you may be concerned about someone finding out about you having used our services. Don’t be. We do not disclose any personal information our customers provide, so once you download your paper and approve it, it really is your personal statement, and no one will be able to prove otherwise.

So, weigh all the pros and cons (although we believe there are none of the latter) and make your decision. We are always ready to find a suitable personal statement writer for you to write you a paper you deserve.